Friday, April 30, 2010

News For Golf Courses and Sport Fields

Winter Injury
Harsh winter conditions like snow and ice often damage turf. Extreme temperatures like dry weather and freezing temperatures can cause a delay in the spring transition to green turf. Many golf course superintendants and sports turf managers use synthetic covers, anti-desiccant sprays, and heavy sand topdressing to offset winter injury and speed spring green-up.

The Solution
Using permanent turf paints such as the Grass Patch can decrease winter injury and promote rapid spring green-up in turf. Independent research shows that turf treated with permanent turf paints absorb more solar radiation in the winter and spring, allowing the moister to stay near the roots. This elevates soil and surface temperatures, creating a more desirable microclimate. The Grass Patch adds a healthy, natural look to warm and cool season turf all year long.

Mike Dohrmann

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Water Waste

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), 26 billion gallons of water are used every day in the US. About 30 percent of this—7.8 billion gallons—is for outdoor use, mostly for landscaping (Watering lawns and drip lines). If we use grass painting as a alternative to overseeding and watering our lawns every day, we could save 50% of water in most homes.
Mike Dohrmann
Grass Patch

Friday, April 23, 2010

Grass Patch Restores Green Color to Dormant, Discolored Grass

Natural Green Grass Patch is the fast, economical way to instantly restore the natural green color to damaged turf while it recovers.

The permanent pigment will not wash or wear off turf after it has been applied in dry conditions. The color will last for 12 - 16 weeks or until mowing removes the colored grass.

Shade color is controlled by the amount of Grass Patch applied (Concentrate). (RTU) is controlled by how close you are spraying to the brown grass. For a lighter shade you would hold the sprayer back further or just simply add more water.

Give your grass back its healthy green look. Turf Colorant is the professional’s way to preserve the natural appearance of dormant, damaged or discolored turf. It is an environmentally friendly, permanent green pigment. The liquid formula is easily applied with most types of sprayers. Pigment can also be used to color divot mix for a natural green appearance.


Mike Dohrmann

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Water Shortages are now a reality!

Did you know that more than half of the residential water used in a typical households goes to outdoor landscape watering? Grass painting is a great way for an individual to save water and reduce your monthly water bill by 50%.

Potential savings: 50 to 80 percent; that means if you're an average lawn-watering family of four, and 50 percent of your water gets used outside to begin with, you could cut your water consumption by 150 gallons a day. Save Hundreds!

Be careful! Water the landscape only, not streets, walks and driveways. (We already have plenty of concrete and don't want to grow any more).


Mike Dohrmann

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Does Dog Urine Cause Brown Spots In The Lawn? #2

To add to a previous post, here is a little more information regarding lawn burn.

Lawn burn/Grass burn is caused by the nitrogen in the dog’s urine. Because dog urine is very high in nitrogen, when the dog urinates, it is similar to pouring lots of liquid fertilizer on the lawn. A little fertilizer is good for the grass, but to much causes nitrogen burn. The prevention of lawn burn deals with trying to reduce the amount of nitrogen coming into contact with the grass. Using our grass colorant, helps stop the dog from urinating in the same spot, taking away the sent that draws them back again.

There are several factors that can cause lawn burn:

1) Large dogs deposit more urine so they increase the quantity of nitrogen in one location, making lawn burn more a reality.
2) Heavily fertilized yards are already receiving near maximum levels of nitrogen. The small amount of nitrogen in dog urine may be all that is needed to put these lawns over the edge and cause lawn burn.
3) Lawns that are stressed are more susceptible to damage. Lawns that are suffering from drought, disease, insect infestation or newly sodded are more susceptible to lawn burn.
4) Female dogs are more likely to cause lawn burn than males because they void their entire bladder in one location instead of lifting their leg and marking, like males.


Mike Dohrmann

Friday, April 9, 2010

Earth Day Expo....

We will be at an all green expo Saturday, April 24th from 1-3pm. It is located in Queen Creek, Arizona in the Johnson Ranch community in the Lakeview Recreation area. We will be giving advice, educating on the subject of going green using the Grass Patch and selling our product. There will be numerous other vendors there talking about alternative ways to go green, including Mountain View Recycling.

Help Save The Environment!


Mike Dohrmann

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Is Grass Colorant/Grass Painting

Technically the product that is sprayed onto the grass is a non-toxic green colorant or pigment based dye that simply changes the color of the lawn back to green. Grass colorant/grass paint is purchased as a ready-to-use or a concentrate. If using concentrate you can vary the shade of green by changing the ratio of colorant to water, in the grass painting mixing process. Grass colorant/grass painting is not new, it just has been confined to certain areas, such as golf courses and sports fields. Now we are taking a concept that existed, improved it and brought it to the market place. Never before has grass paint been available at such an accessible level as now. Professional sports teams and golf courses have been using grass colorant/grass paint for decades, but only recently grass painting been used on residential yards and lawns of commercial properties. Grass colorant/grass painting has many advantages. Green grass colorant/paint is a great way to quickly improve curb appeal of a property, by giving the property a lush green lawn, compared to a brown lawn. It is also great for covering up brown spots caused from dog urine. Grass colorant is harmless to the lawn, pets and people and dries usually within 1-3 hours. Grass colorant/grass paint will last 12-16 weeks or until mowed away.


Mike Dohrmann

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spraying The Grass Green

Painting has taken on a whole new dimension: spray painting. But this is not just any old spray painting; this is spray painting lawns! That's right — spray painting lawns. This new practice is largely due to two factors, the first being water restrictions and the second being the high number of foreclosed home throughout the US. These foreclosed homes are often left uncared for, including the lawns. As a result, real estate agents have painted the lawns of their listed foreclosed homes to improve their looks.

In the case of one city in California, the entire town is getting a spray! The California city that has taken this green spray paint initiative is Perris, California, about 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The city has hired a contractor to spray paint all the lawns with environmentally friendly dye that lasts up to to six months and doesn't harm people or pets. The city of Perris, California has set aside $2 million dollars to stabilize its high foreclosure rate neighborhoods. More info at


Mike Dohrmann

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Does Dog Urine Burn The Grass?

Dog urine has very high nitrogen content, and tends to have a high ph level as well. The concentration of nitrogen in one spot is too high, and as a result, the grass dies, while an outer ring seems to expand.

These circular, brown spots in the lawn typically appear after a spell of dry, hot weather. Damage from dog urine can also appear as light yellow to dark green spots in the grass. The light yellow and brown patches are the equivalent to fertilizer burn. As the salts are leached out, the grass will grow back, typically with a vengeance.

Controls: To prevent this from happening, leach the urine from the lawn immediately after occurrence by soaking the area with water. Unfortunately, this type of damage often occurs in lawns of non-dog-owning people. Repellents have been designed to discourage a variety of animals from just this action, dogs included. Another way to prevent your dog from urinating on the same spot continuing to keep the same spot brown, eventually killing that spot, is to use the Grass Patch. The Grass Patch, will instantly cover that brown area with a nice green colorant and will usually take away the smell of the dog urine, that normally is what attracts the dog to continue to pee on that same spot.
Mike Dohrmann

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sprayers to Spray the Grass

A very common question we get often is, what equipment should I use when spraying the grass? It really depends on the size of the lawn you are spraying and if it’s for individual use or for grass painting contractors.

Most common sprayers to use just about anywhere are:

· Handheld Pump Sprayer (Garden Sprayer)
· Standard 32oz Spray bottle
· Backpack Sprayer
· Handheld Compression Sprayer
· Airless Paint Sprayer

You can find these sprayers; just about at any hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot, ACE, and True Value) and most nurseries now sell them.

For larger sprayers, normally you will need to find a specialty store and in some cases you will need to get them custom made. Some larger sprayers are:

· Spot Sprayer (These come in all sort of sizes, ranging from 25 gallons and up)
· Trailer Sprayers or Dolly Sprayers
· Skid Sprayers
· Electric Sprayers
· Gas Sprayers
· ATV Sprayers
Mike Dohrmann

Friday, April 2, 2010

Save Water and Go Green!

Did you know that up to 75% of all water used in a home goes to watering the lawn? This can amount to over 100,000 gallons of water per year just by watering the grass. But with our green grass colorant, you can cut you water bill up to 50% a month. The Grass Patch (grass colorant) is one of the most effective water conservation products available today, savings millions of gallons of water. The Grass Patch is long-lasting, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint as well. Using The Grass Patch reduces carbon emissions from lawn mowers (less watering, means less mowing). The Grass Patch can save home owners hundreds of dollars a year in water bills. It also saves money from maintenance costs (Less landscaping work and less wear and tear of your equipment). Your grass will stay beautifully green year-round with the use of the Grass Patch! Stop wasting water on your lawn! The Grass Patch is beautiful, safe, and it’s environmentally friendly! Save your money, save your time, save the planet, Go Green! Stay Green! Join the millions of Americans going green and spray your lawn today.

Mike Dohrmann