Thursday, August 19, 2010

Turn Brown Plants Green Instantly!

Natural Green Grass Patch is the fast, economical way to instantly restore the natural green color to most damaged plants and lawns. The permanent pigment will not wash or wear off plants after it has been applied in dry conditions. The color will last for 12 - 16 weeks or until the color fades away. Shade of the color is controlled by the amount of Grass Patch applied (Concentrate). For a lighter shade you would hold the sprayer back further or just simply add more water. For a darker, just use more concentrate to water. Give your plants back its healthy green look. The Grass Patch is the professional’s way to preserve the natural appearance of brown distressed plants. It is an environmentally friendly, permanent green pigment. The liquid formula is easily applied with most types of sprayers. When spraying plants, make sure to protect the underneath, so overspray does not get on the landscape (Rocks, Pavers, retaining walls, etc.).


Mike Dohrmann

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